Sons of Athas

A new beginning...

The new beginning…

House Derilore, the malicious and often mysterious sycophant of House Tomblador, has been operating in the city of Balic unimpeded for several years now. Most who know of their wicked and unscrupulous ways are either too weak, or too afraid, to stand up to their brutal hand. In weeks past, a mysterious explosion has completely leveled one of the House Derilore warehouses. Whispers and rumors on the street have joyous undertones as many of the denizens, slaves and citizen alike, have no love for their boisterous enterprises.

House Wavir, one of the more kind and accepting, if you can call any house in Balic that, has hired a group of agents to act on their behalf to figure out exactly what has happened and what House Derilore was trying to hide. Outwardly, House Wavir has condoned such acts, stating that such roguish acts will be punished.

In other news…

The 7th Tier has a new champion group—the Aristocrats. Having defeated some vile left-over beasts from the 5th Tier, the Aristocrats have secured their place atop the Tier, awaiting anyone to push them off to claim their own glory. Here are the current standings:

1st: Roguk’s Renegades 2nd: The Clip 3rd: The Calvary of Coneoi 4th: Midgard’s Marauders 5th: Oog, the Giant 6th: Kaid’s Conclave 7th: The Aristocrats



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