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Sons of Athas

A hot wind blows across the Sea of Silt——a wind swift and furious enough to scourge skin and polish bone. A tiny huddle of stone huts clings tenaciously to the shore, like a mekillot hunkered down against a sandstorm. A lone figure stands nearby, swathed in heavy robes, his face muffled save for a narrow eye-slit. He keeps watch, gazing away from the sea, across the endless sands, awaiting those who may never come again. He braces himself against the wicked wind, leaning upon a bone staff as the next blast tears at him…

Welcome to my Dark Sun campaign. It is here that I will host an epic story of strife and survival, life and death. Thank you for following along!

This campaign is scheduled to kick on on Friday, July 9.

Campaign Restrictions:

  • No Divine Classes. The gods have abandoned Athas. There is no divine mojo at all… There are elemental priests, however. If you are interested in playing one—just let me know.
  • Arcane. Arcane abilities will be restricted to Defilers. Be warned, defiling magic is a good way to get yourself killed. I only recommend someone play a Defiler if they are experienced and don’t mind keep a relative low profile until they gain some power. No complaining when your character gets killed for using defiling magic ;) Same goes for Preservers. Contact me if you really want to play one.
  • No Gnomes or Halflings. Gnomes were killed off along with other races, long ago. Halflings are cannibalistic and not found anywhere near where the majority of the world is located ;) Half-Giants – these are Goliaths. They will probably have feat support once the DSCG comes out at Gen Con.
  • Build to optimize survival, not combat. You need to have a well-rounded character in order to survive. Being l33t and able to pwn a monster in 1 round is cool in LFR, but not as much in DS. Think outside the box as your characters will be tested on all fronts.

-Matt James
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Sons of Athas

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